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A Candid Interview: Architect Robert Morris-Nunn

Here’s a short video about our principal architect from Hobart, Robert Morris-Nunn and some of his work. He’s a real character and a bloody good architect!  Looking forward to working with this guy.

The engineering faculty at Charles Sturt University in Bathurst will be working with the Tremain’s Mill Project to find innovative solutions to one of the most complex engineering challenges in the entire project – To find functional and innovative engineering solutions required to re-cycle the 18 x 90 tonne Oregon timber silos (just behind the concrete silos) into luxurious apartments. An enthusiastic team of four under graduates, mentored by Professor James Morgan have accepted the challenge and their findings will be presented to a public forum later in the year as an important part of their studies.

We Found Them!

The first stage of out project is to renovate the Victoria Stores building (1884) and a part of that is to replace the beautiful verandah that was removed sometime in the 1970’s. We want the restoration of this building to be as true to the original design as possible and some of the elements are quite unique. As can be seen from the photograph taken in 1900, the cast iron verandah panels are a unique shape with a curved (bow fronted) face and we had not been successful in finding anything remotely like these anywhere  in Australia……… UNTIL NOW!

Things are Coming Together

Visible progress on the site has been slow but in the background, things are really moving ahead. We have appointed Adjunct Professor Robert Morris-Nunn from ‘Circa Morris-Nunn Architects’ in Hobart as our principal architects for the project. Their work on other projects around the country has been outstanding and we are proud and excited to be working with them. A recent visit by the Circa team has kick-started the design process and work is now underway to finalise the Master Plan for the site. We’re getting a lot of interest now from potential tenants who would like to be involved in the project. It will be very important for us to select unique, high-quality businesses that ‘fit’ with the overall objectives of the project and can contribute to the site becoming a ‘destination’ rather than just another development.